A low-cost
alternative for
Christian education
and discipleship
in Saskatoon,

   The Academy of Discipleship is an inter-church ministry in Saskatoon.  It offers adult Christian education in a format that includes presentations by intellectually and spiritually qualified persons, as well as readings and discussion.  Courses typically run over five to eight weekly sessions of one and a half hours each.

Who are we?

   We are a group of Christians who are committed to follow Jesus, and to making this following central and not marginal to Christian life.  This is the purpose of our program

   The six members of the Planning Group meet regularly to develop courses in biblical studies, Christian thought, and major church and social issues. We will offer at least one course in the fall and one in the winter. Saskatoon churches are approached to provide classroom space. Committee members are from the Catholic and Mennonite churches. We have no paid staff nor do we own a building.

   We encourage all participants in each each course to bring with them the best of their church tradition with which to challenge, encourage and inspire the whole group.  We believe in the importance of Christian fellowship and dialogue.  Our mentors are trained in the study of the Bible and Christian thought.  We believe the Bible to be our most direct authority for faith and life, and that it is best interpreted by the whole community of faith and not solely by the scholars.

Courses that have been Offered

   Courses have been offered from 2011 to the present.
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