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Past Courses
Year Qtr Title Facilitator(s)
2018 Q4 Hope not Fear: Building Peace in a Fractured World (ID10). Hon. Douglas Roche OC (Edmonton, AB), Dr Walter Klaassen (Saskatoon, SK).
2017 Q4 A Conversation on Peace II (ID09). Dr. Walter Klaassen, Dr. Roger Epp (Edmonton AB), Ruth Klaassen, Archbishop Donald Bolen (Regina SK).
2017 Q1 The Psalms: Prayers Ancient and Modern, (ID08). Dr. Walter Klaassen.
2017 Q1 What have you to do with Peace? A Conversation about Peace in our Time, (ID07). Archbishop Donald Bolen, Dr. Walter Klaassen, Ruth Klaassen.
2016 Q1 Doing Theology Through Poetry, (ID06). Dr. Edna Froese (retired).
2015 Q4 The Lord's Prayer, (ID04). Dr. Walter Klaassen.
2015 Q4 Wakotowin: Creating Common Ground: Indiginous-Settler Relations, (ID05). Eileen Klassen Hamm, Harry Lafond, Leonard Doell, Randy Klassen.
2015 Q2 Empire, (ID03). Dr. Vern Ratzlaff.
2015 Q1 Patient Ferment: Peaceful Mission in the Early Church, (ID01). Professors Alan Kreider & Eleanor Kreider, AMBS.
2015 Q1 Healing. Transformation. Community. Justice, (ID2). Dave Feick (Micah Mission), Peter Oliver (Micah Mission), Heather Peters (MCC), Josh Wallace, Coordinator (Warman Mennonite Church).
2014 Q3-Q4 Engaging Spirituality: Belonging. Melody Neufeld-Rocheleau & Pat Stewart.
2014 Q1 The Prophets (as part of: Scriptural Themes for Seniors and Friends). Dr. Vern Ratzlaff.
2014 Q1 Staring Into the Abyss- Towards a Theology of Hope in a Time of Climate Crisis. Dr. Mark Bigland-Pritchard & Rev. Dr. Jan Bigland-Pritchard.
2013 Q4 The Many Names of Jesus. Dr. Walter Klaassen.
2013 Q4 Faith and Music- Praise the Lord with Clanging Cymbals. Darrell J. Bueckert.
2013 Q3-Q4 Reading the Gospel of the 'Word Made Flesh': The Body of Scripture Embodied in Christ. Derek Boldt.
2013 Q1 The Life of Jesus, Monday Through Friday (the Lenten Week; reading, MK 11-15). Dr. Walter Klaassen.
2013 Q1 Literature and Faith. Rev. Josh & Dr. Cindy Wallace.
2012 Q3-Q4 Faith and Violence. Ruth & Dr. Walter Klaassen.
2012 Q1 The Serpent and the Dove: Light from Genesis. Dr. Walter Klaassen.
2012 Q1 Stories Jesus Told: The Parables of Christ. Dr. Vern Ratzlaff & Leighton Tebay.
2011 Q4 Wounded Christians: Moving from Hurt to Healing in the Church, (also read, Soul Repair: Rebuilding Your Spiritual Life). Leighton Tebay & Dr. Vern Ratzlaff.
2011 Q4 Christ in the Universe: The Cosmos, The Church, the Believer (a study of Ephesians & reading Hymn of the Universe). Dr. Walter Klaassen.
2011 Q1-Q2 Essential Anabaptism and the 21st Century (reading, The Naked Anabaptist). Dr.Vern Ratzlaff & Leighton Tebay.
2011 Q1-Q2 Essential Anabaptism and the 21st Century (reading, The Naked Anabaptist). Dr. Walter Klaassen.

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